Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chapel Closure and Renovation

No records such as registers or minute books have been unearthed for the old Baptist Chapel.

According to the Mountain Chapel Minute books they were approached by Zoar members in 1997 about holding funerals there, as Zoar had closed the previous autumn due to floor problems -
ie autumn 1996.

Date stone - Zoar was built in 1854

After remaining empty for some years renovations began:

Summer 2004 - The old lean-to toilets at the back were removed - the small red shape in the wall
is the entrance to the under-seat area of the chapel

Summer 2004 - Building work beginning at rear of chapel

Summer 2004

Summer 2004 - tidied up main gateway

Summer 2004 - rear of chapel

December 2004 - new extension at rear of porch

December 2004 - rear view of porch extension

Summer 2004 - Zoar field at side of chapel being cleared for carpark

Spring 2005 - enlarged side entrance and new gateposts and walls

August 2005 - new gates on side entrance into carpark

December 2004 - not a blank picture -
but a very faint outline found in the main chapel of a coloured frieze

Spring 2005 - work is begun on clearing the overgrown woods
to the north of the chapel

Spring 2007 - the hedge between the two gates is removed

Summer 2007 - a new wall is put up to replace the old hedge

March 2006 - new paths are laid through the cleared woods and flowers planted

March 2006

March 2006

August 2006 - a new path is laid across the graveyard to take people
up to the woodland burial area

March 2006 - new side and read extension

Zoar's official opening by E.C.Thomas & Son was in 2005 -
this was part of their display on the chapel's history

2005 - Zoar's offical opening by E.C.Thomas & Son -
over 50 cars were there - not only in the carpark but
lining the road from tThe Griggs to almost down at Stanwell

2008 - Zoar Chapel viewed from the south - before the garage block was built.
Woods tot he south side had been cleared

2008 - Cremated Remains Section at Zoar Chapel of Rest, Llanteg
This cremated remains section was created in overgrown woodland to the
north of the graveyard at Zoar Chapel of Rest.
It is wonderfully tended and has a marvellous display of daffodils.
Zoar Chapel can be seen through the trees.

Overgrown woodland to the south of the chapel being cleared

Overgrown woodland to the south of the chapel being cleared

New gate on main entrance

2009 - new garage block in the carpark area